Archangel's blog A pointless waste of time


F**k, s**t, h**l and damn

So with just one week to go on an otherwise good trip it happens...

At the hostel they have a shelf inside the toilet/shower so you have somewhere to put your stuff while having a shower. Not wanting to leave stuff unattended I bring my camera bag with me to the toilet and put it on the shelf...
It's on the floor!
And now it won't start half of the time, and when it starts it just says "busy" on the screen and I can't do anything with it. I have tried with several different memory cards and both with and without the lens. So it seems like it's the camera body that is fucked up. :'(
I hope I meet someone else with a Canon so I can try my lens in their body and vice versa. If one thing is to be broken I hope it's the body since it's cheaper than the lens.

But it seems like there will be no more pictures on this trip...