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Good Food, Bad Stomach

A small update (making up for the lack of those in the last couple of days?).

So I am now in Yangshou. The train was a little late but not to bad. When I arrived in Guilin I went directly to the bus station. Which was only about 300 meters up the road (and that was he first time the compass in the iPhone actually came in handy). The bus ticket was easy to acquire, I just said "Yangshou" and she showed me the next departure which was 15 minutes away. The ticket cost 18 Yuan. So I just had time to buy something to drink on the bus and then board. The bus trip only took one hour and twenty minutes.

Hoping off the bus I just had to shake of the plethora of people trying to sell me hotelrooms, guided tours and such services. "Bo jao, bo jao" and walk on. Once one the street I was quite shire which way to go in this small town but once again double checked with my iPhone compass. My good sense of direction lead my on the right path but I missed the street I was supposed to turn of since it was an alley about 1.2 meters wide in between shops. So I walked to far and came at it from the other direction. But that didn't cost me more than 2 minutes, tops!

Fortunately they had empty beds, was a bit worried since I hadn't booked. A bed in a six bed dorm cost me 30 Yuan per night, not bad. And they have roof terrace with a view of the entire town and washing machine I could use. So I freshened up with a shower and threw my laundry in the machine and then headed out for some dinner.

On all the main streets the restaurants looked both expensive and boring. Many even "boasting" Western food. No thanks! So I headed for the back streets and the outskirts of town. I eventually found a street full of small restaurants that had small tables out on the sidewalk. Classic Chinese street food!

So after walking up and down the street I settled on one. They had all the raw ingredients presented like a buffé. So I just pointed to what I wanted, beef and five different vegetables and I asked for noodles instead of rice. They fried it up for me with some spicy chili. And of course I couldn't resist ordering a beer.

Dinner time!

So what did this little feast cost me? 12 Yuan!
That's right, about 12 kr for that. 8 Yuan the food and 4 Yuan for that big beer! Eat your heart out Stockholm!

I then headed back to the hostel to hang my laundry on the roof and I'm now sitting on the roof with a beer just chilling.

The only stormcloud on my horizon is that my stomach still is not feeling all that great. So I need regular trips to the bathroom (sorry, maybe TMI). But I'm trying to ignore that and just enjoy it here.

The weather here is hot and very humid. After a few days in a cool climate I'm sweating badly, but I'm not complaining.

Since I now have internet I'll probably update again shortly (so people can chill).

Bonus! A video from
The hostels roof top terrace. 43.3 MB