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Calm Evening

So what did I do today? I mostly just chilled. Walked around town, took a stroll on the small paths outside the town and just enjoyed the hot clammy weather and the beautiful surroundings. Ate a nice noodle lunch for only 10 Yuan. And have had lots and lots of liquid to try to rehydrate.

Right before dinner when I went through my little locker I heard a familiar voice from the lobby, Monica was checking in to the same hostel. Since she has a Canon DSLR I have now confirmed that my body is bust but the lens works (really hope that the lens isn't producing unsharp pictures. But worst case scenario it needs readjustment and that doesn't cost a fortune).

So after confirming this dread we headed out for some dinner. We ended up at a place I found on the back streets yesterday. We thought it was a bit expensive but it turned out that was because we got a huge pot hat would have fed at least 4 people, maybe 5. So we left quite a lot, a shame that couldn't be helped.

After dinner we walked aimlessly through the streets just looking through shops and stalls. We didn't find the night market we were looking for. Will look it up in the lonely planet till tomorrow. The night market is supposed to have quite special food... Will report back if we find what we're looking for tomorrow!

I then had a relaxing beer at the rooftop terrace. Am going to bed now, a bit early, so I can get up early tomorrow. The plan is to rent bikes and get out of town to see the scenery during the first half of the day. And I'll buy my bus ticket back to Shenzhen tomorrow as well so I have that sorted.

Now time to sleep!