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So after some thinking (about the camera-situation that is) I feel that it pretty much boils down to three options:
1) Live without a DSLR (for an indeterminate length of time)
2) Buy a camera in Hong Kong on the way back
3) Buy a camera back in Sweden

So first of all, do I need a DSLR?
just like any technological trinket, I don't really need it. Just like I don't need a computer, a mobile phone or any camera at all. But I do like photographing and I'll still have a very good lens just standing around (I think and hope that the lens is fine).

If I'm to buy a camera there are mainly three alternatives: Canon's 600D, 60D and 7D. And after some reading online it feels like the middle model, 60D would be the most appropriate choice for me. A step up in functions and ergonomics from my last (broken) one but in no way overkill in either price or specs.

So after some further googling I found a few reputable sellers in Hong Kong and an estimate price range for that camera body. In Hong Kong I could get it for about 6000-6500kr, while it in Sweden would cost me about 9500kr from a reputable seller. That's a big price difference... But! Canon knows people likes to do this so to save domestic markets they don't offer worldwide warranties. It would thus be a gamle, more than a third of the price off but having to pay any eventual service charge out of own pocket.

Looking at my personal economical situation I feel that 9500kr is to much, I'd be almost flat broke on my return to Sweden. Not desirable! 6000-6500kr is still a lot and wouldn't leave me well off but I'd (hopefully :-P) get by.

So it pretty much stands between option 1 & 2... I think it will ultimately be decided in Hong Kong since I'll most likely at least have a look at one of the sellers.

Further thoughts and feedback welcomed!

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