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Chinese Market (Updated)

Now with pictures!

The squeamish might not want to read this...

After lunch me, Monica and Phoebe headed for the local market at the edge of town. This is where you'll get all the ingredients you'll need for any dish.

The first hall had rows of tiled benches in the middle where they had all the vegetables you could want. Along the wall they had plastic buckets on the floor filled with eels, snails, frogs and small fishes, all alive of course!





We were a bit surprised that the didn't have any meat. Then we found hall number two... Along the wall here they had places that prepared meat. First we saw ducks.


Then we saw chickens.


Then comes the part where the squeamish really should stop reading...
The next couple of stalls had dog!


Not only prepared dog like this but in cages behind they had live dogs waiting to become food. Not only this but they also had cages of cats awaiting the same fate. One of the ladies was preparing something. She was using a small flame thrower to lightly grill and burn the hair from something. When she flipped it over we could see it was a cat, just of the killing block with it's throat cut.

So a little disturbing for the western mind. I didn't exactly get peckish from watching it... But I'm hardened enough not to become a vegetarian from the sight. :-P

The rest of that hall had cages upon cages of poultry. And looking into these cages I'd say that these animals fare a lot better than those back home. Sure, they are in cages in the market but you could se that they had space otherwise. They all looked healthy, no marks on them, no broken wings, feathers, feet or beaks.

And on the other end they had mixed dried wares, like teas, fruits, nuts and the like.

So quite an experience to say the least!