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Chinese Hospitality

Is dangerous!!!
It's 10 am and I'm still in bed nursing a huge hangover.

I met Stoprock, his wife and their friend Decklan (have no idea about spelling) and they took me to a restaurant in the area. We were joined by Stephen and Linlin (or something similar, I'm bad with names) at the restaurant. Then Stoprock ordered food for the six of us that would have fed ten people. That's the Chinese way it seems. So much food and so good food! I ate till I was about to burst at the seams. And whenever my glass got empty Stoprock or his wife (I sat between them) would fill it up.


Stoprock knew two thing in Swedish: skål and botten upp. He liked using the later one... Fortunately the glasses are small. But when the numbers start piling on it goes to my head. When we left the restaurant I was already a little tipsy and that was by no means the end of the night!

As I would have guessed he wouldn't let me pay a penny, but I still tried to offer. He wouldn't hear of it! So a huge feast with food and drink in abundance with great company and I didn't pay a thing. I felt like royalty!

So after dinner we took a short walk to "BBQ place" as they said. Which was another restaurant but more of the laid back street variety. Reminded me a little of the BBQ at the hotel I used to stay. And since that's where I met Stoprock this place felt appropriate.

Me and Stoprock with Stephen in the back.

A bit more food!?! That's madness! This time at least they didn't order so much, just a little to snack on to the beer. So I got almost exactly the same as we used to back then: lamp skewers and some deliciously fried eggplant (without coriander, which I still remember how to say in Chinese).

And of course there was beer! Glass, after glass, after glass, after glass. When I got up to use the bathroom I realized that I wasn't just tipsy anymore but flat out drunk! I felt ready to collapse almost. So I realized that I needed to reel it in a little to not perish completely. When I told them I needed to slow down they all just took it in stride and no one tried to get me to drink a lot. They gladly accepted that I just sipped my beer when when drank. That's hospitality! Making me feel relaxed and at home.

Ate the BBQ place we were also joined by Money/Benny! Also long time no see. So nice that he joined up as well, just like the good old days. He's gotten married but sadly his wife couldn't join us.

Me and Money/Benny.

I had earlier been asked what I was going to do the next day in Shenzhen. I said that I had no particular plans. Sometime during the drinking I was asked to come home to Stoprock the next day for home cooked meal with his family. I say asked but it was more like told, it had been decided for me. And Stephen chimed in that after we would go out, either to karaoke or "Next bar" which is supposed to be a great club.

Can't think of anything I'd like to do more in Shenzhen than hang out with these guys another evening so I gladly accepted! And I remember the last meal I had at Stoprock's place and it was superb! So really looking forward to it. Just hope I can get rid of this hangover before then...

So today I have decided to be lazy white tourist and go to the air conditioned Mix C mall. There I'll eat and drink (non alcoholic) to nurse myself back to health and then take in a movie.

I'll also try to pace myself better tonight since I don't want to be this hungover when going to Hong Kong tomorrow. But even with this hangover it was definitely worth it. A great evening!

So to sum it up: Chinese hospitality is dangerous but spectacular!