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Shenzhen to Hong Kong

Sitting in Hong Kong now, soon time for dinner...

I did go to Mix C mall yesterday and I arrived when all the Chinese were having lunch, so there were long lines outside every restaurant. So I made my way outside the mall and hade a small brunch. After which I walked a bit of the hungover off in a nearby park. Sweaty!

I then headed back and bought my movie ticket. But the times were different from the day before, so I had an hour and half to kill. I actually decided to eat some more! My body craved food and liquid and I really wanted to be in good shape when he evening came. After my second lunch I perused the shops for a short while before I headed back for the cinema and seated myself.

The movie turned out to be more story than action and since both spoken language and subtitles were in Chinese I think that the finer plot points were lost to me. The fact that the poster said "official selection of Cannes" should have tipped me off to the fact that it wasn't an hard core action film. Live and learn! But it was beautiful. I'll have to see it again later with subtitles to give final opinion.

It felt a little strange when the entire audience laughed and I had no idea what was funny...

On the way to meet Stoprock I swung by the area where Oceanpower (the company I had my internship at last time in China) is located.

I met Stoprock and Decklan at the subway station and we walked together to Stoprock's house. There Stoprock showed me pictures before dinner. First we went down memory lane and watched all the pictures he had from last time I was here. Nostalgia!

He then showed me all the pictures from his wedding. Turns out Money/Benny actually proposed to his wife at their wedding after he caught the bridal bouquet. So their marriages are a bit linked. And they all plan on getting children next year. So maybe I'll have to come back and visit to see their children soon.

After picture time it was dinner time!
And just like last time five years ago had his mother prepared a feast!


Home made food really the best! Her dumplings are probably the best I have ever had. The only thing I couldn't eat were the chicken feet. They were so spicy that my lips hurt. And like last time I had my bowl filled over and over again everytime I began to se the bottom of it. The beer flowed as well. But unlike the day before I paced myself better this time.

I feel really fortunate to have been invited to this dinner. It's hard to describe how good the food was and how pleasant the whole meal was!

Stoprock's mother and me.

After dinner was eaten and all the bottles of beer were drained Stoprock's mother produced some packaged (bought) food/snack that is from here home province. This was for me to bring back to Sweden and let friends and family taste. So you back home have something to look forward to. Stoprock decided to add to the package and gave me some special Chinese sausages. Hospitality isn't enough to describe it!

Then it was time for some KTV, also know as "ka la ok" or as we would say: karaoke. So the five of us, me, Stoprock + wife, Decklan and Linlin hopped into a cab and drove to the KTV place where we met up with Money/Benny.

This place looked like a huge luxurious hotel. A myriad of red corridors with gold fittings everywhere but instead of bedrooms every room had a huge U-shaped sofa facing a huge TV-screen. Next to the big TV was a small touchscreen TV where one could chose and preview songs while other songs played on the big one.

On our way in we passed what looked like a huge duty free shop filled with alcohol. From this store shopping carts filled with booze was rolled to the thirsty clients in all the rooms.

So we sat down and in came a huge bucket with beers in ice water. Time to sing! But coward as I am I let them start. I think I needed a few beers more to work up the courage to emberass myself that much. But I managed to find several English songs that I knew. For example I had to represent Sweden with some ABBA. Fortunately they were very polite and all cheered and clapped when I was done even though it must have been a traumatizing experience for them.

So till one we kept drinking, singing, taking pictures and talking. Even though I'm no great fan of karaoke I had a spectacular time! Good company equals good time, no matter activity.

Melody (Stoprock's wife), Money/Benny, me, Decklan and Linlin.

The boys!

So a little after one we said our goodbyes and hugged after I promised to come back and see their kids (which are still to come). Hus ended the second of two spectacular evenings. Those two evenings would have in themselves made the trip worth it!

When I woke up this morning I was a bit hungover but nothing even close to the day before. I woke at 7 and couldn't fall back asleep and thus got up, packed and left.

It took two hours and ten minutes from the hostel to the guesthouse in Hong Kong where I stayed last time. I drank a lot of water on the way to help with rehydration. After checking in and having some breakfast I felt that I might as well check out the camera situation. So I went to the store that I had found recommended online. With that shop having been recommended, the other recommended shop being far away and the price being around what could be expected I took the plunge. I saved almost exactly 3000kr compared to Sweden, about a third of the price. Not at all bad! Also bought a small (8GB) card so that I could take it out for a spin. Since I hadn't showered in the morning and the battery comes almost empty I headed back to my room to charge the battery and freshen up.

Then I have just perused all the shops around town. But I haven't bought a lot more stuff, I feel that a camera like that is quite sufficient as my dosage.

Now I'm soon off to find dinner before I head back for an early night. My plane departs at 8:30 so I have to take the first subway at 6:04 to get there with a little time to spare. Yay! So no beer tonight, that's for sure!