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Day 7

Today has been the most laid back day yet.

I took a quiet morning at the guesthouse and packed my things since it was time to check out and Jinu was coming to get me. Due to enormous amounts of traffic he got a bit delayed, so I just relaxed in the courtyard.

He picked me up in his car and we drove halfway across town for some lunch. During this lunch I got the explanation for the traffic and thus also for the excessive amount of cops I'd seen previous days: the pope! Turns out the pope is visiting Seoul, he landed this morning. We drove past the big square I visited on day 1 and on this there was now a huge stage erected. There were over a hundred thousand guests invited but they expect more than a million will be in attendance when he speaks tomorrow. So glad I already saw that part of town. Also feels like it might be a perfect time to leave Seoul and do some trekking.

We drove to the an area called Myeong-dong, close to the market I ate yesterday. He had reserved us a table at a buffet he likes there. Talk about huge buffet! They had a little of everything and some more. There was sushi, dumplings, steamed rice in both Bambi and some leafs, soups of all kinds, other assorted dishes, you could make your own bibimbap, you could make your own combination of noodles, they had several different kinds of noodles and noodle soups and there was of course a lot of desserts (where you could even make your own soft ice cream). I didn't even sample half of what they had but still ate till I felt a bit nauseous. It was really good though, should just have stopped a little earlier. There are a few shots of the food in the gallery.

After lunch we walked some of the food of by strolling through the neighborhood, looking at shops and talking. This area had a ridiculous amount of shops with beauty products. It was just back to back cosmetic shops. How they all can turn a profit was beyond us both.

We also passed by Seoul's main church which was cordoned off. Guessing the pope will make an appearance there.

After walking some of that food off (would have had to walk the rest of the day and evening straight to walk all of it off I think) we hopped in the car and drove to his house. Again this are up quite a bit of time do to traffic jams. The pope is visiting, there were lots of road construction going on and since tomorrow is Korean freedom day today is like a Friday and the traffic adjusts accordingly.

At his house I got to meet his mom, but she doesn't speak English so we didn't really do more than greet. He lives with his parents in a nice neighborhood in Gangnam, near the river. Their house is right next to a park so the living room has an open view of trees and feels private and calm. I got to flop in the home office/guest room.

Then Jinu had to go fix some things at work for a while so I was left to my own devices. Decided to rest for a while (that lunch really took it's toll) and then have a walk. Sadly I just fell asleep and woke up around the time Jinu was to get back. But considering the current plan was to go out on the town tonight and then get up at 6:30 tomorrow to get on a bus it might be a good idea to bunk up on some sleep. Having woken up I unpacked a bit, surfed the web and wrote some of this, then Jinu got back and we got ready to go out.

We hopped on a bus to go across town to Itaewon, which is the party district. What I found fascinating was that it took the buss almost 50 minutes to get across town at 10pm! The traffic was as bad as Stockholm is during rush hour, madness! When crossing the river I could see a freeway and there was a traffic jam, at that time of night. Imagine how it is during rush hour...

In Itaewon Jinu gave me a tour of the area, we walked and talked. Eventually we got a late night kebab. We ended up not having any drinks, neither of us felt like getting in to a loud club packed with people. But it was interesting to see the area. So many bars and clubs in such a small area. Not at all like back home. And the streets were full with people. So have seen the nightlife even if I haven't lived the nightlife.

After this tour we got on another bus back to his place. This time it took only 30 min.
Now it's time to sleep!

Steps taken: 5782 (4.56 km)

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