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Day 9

I said we were supposed to get up early and catch a bus... Yeah, didn't quite work out that way. My alarm rang and I got up, but my head told me that I wasn't supposed to get up. I had a hard headache that told me I had slept to little. Checked out Jinu and he was out cold. So I decided that his plan B (which he had but hadn't told me what it was) would have to suffice, but in a few hours. So I promptly fell into bed again and just as promptly fell asleep.

Woke up a little after eight and felt a whole lot better. Now I was ready to tackle the day and whatever it had to offer.

The start of his palm was that we were to get brunch at a place he liked on the other side of town. So off we went and hopped on the subway. The place he took me to was the kind of place you'd never find on your own as a tourist. It was inside a building and had no signs I could see outside, so unless you knew it was there you'd have no chance finding it.

This place had an all you could eat buffet and it only cost about 34 kr! That's what I would call cheap! It wasn't as big or as fancy as the place he took me on Thursday, but still good. And included in this price was soft drinks (coca cola, sprite, fanta, etc), tea, water and some strong tasting cinnamon drink. They had eggs and instant noodles you could cook yourself if nothing in the buffet caught you fancy. Needless to say, I got full, so full.

After this we took a walk through the surrounding area, this was the university area to the west of town. Since I hadn't been here it was nice to see. But we walked through it pretty rapidly.

Then we took first the subway then a bus and arrived outside of town, to the north, at the foot of Bukhansan, the tallest mountain in the region.

We were supposed to meet up with another friend of Jinu but even though we were late she was even later... We had planned to be there at half past two, two but it was three when we arrived. When she wasn't there fourth minutes later we decided to head on up without her. The trek was said to take four to five hours to perform and the sun was supposed to go down a little after seven. We did the math and didn't like it.

So we headed out with a spring in our step. Determined to finish the trek before sundown we got in higher gear and practically ran up the mountain. This was one of the harder climbs I've done! When I in previous posts talked about steep ascents I seem to have not know what I was talking about. The climb to the top was 2.6 kilometers and climbed from about 300 meters (where the village and bus stop was) to the peak at 836.5 meters. The last 300 meters was not for the faint of heart! I don't suffer from vertigo but still found parts of that a bit scary.

But the view was amazing! And we had such good luck with the weather, the sun was shining, a few clouds were up and the only fog was in the distance so we had mostly clear views of the surrounding area.

Even though we actually made good time up we practically flew down the mountain (in a sense it became interesting to see how fast we could do it). We did get down safe and sound (though my right knee and ankle had started to complain during the descent). The time: two and a half hours. And that was with a good fifteen minutes stop at the top and a few water and breather breaks in both directions.

It was a hard but good trek with great views. But it did realize that I'm feeling a bit tired and that this probably was to be my last hard exertion on this trip. Five mountains scaled might be enough.

A long bus ride and a shorter subway ride later we were back in town and ready for dinner. We were again supposed to meet up his friend (the one that missed us earlier today) but we were actually a bit early so Jinu suggested som food before dinner (yes, really!)... So we headed to his favorite ramen restaurant and had a bowl of ramen soup each. It was good, but I'm still partial to ramen Ki-Mama back home.

Then we finally met up with his friend and headed for a fried chicken restaurant. This time the big bowl of fried chicken was actually boneless, so more to my liking than the last time. Beer and soju was imbibed together with this chicken. All three were good and so was the company, so we sat there till around eleven before we headed home. But on the way to the subway the other two wanted ice cream, so we stopped by Baskin Robbins and had some ice cream before we finally hopped on a train heading back home.

A little before one pm I fell exhausted into bed.

Steps taken: 25 480 (20.1 km)

A few pictures in the gallery, but only from the iPhone so far.

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