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Day 10

Day 9 should have started with us going outside of soul to some special place by the river and seeing the sunrise. When the alarm rang it was however raining so we realized there would be no sunrise to see. So we slept a little more then still left for this park despite the rain.

The place he took me to is where two rivers meet and combine into the Han river that flows through Seoul. So it had scenic views across the water and huge ponds filled with lotus. The lotus had start to bloom but had we been there about a ask later I think it would have been really impressive.

We also stopped by a few historical sights along the way.

We then headed back to the city for lunch. I had told Jinu how much I like the different kinds of pickled Korean vegetables, so he took me to another buffet. This one had loads of different kinds of pickled vegetables! So I gladly ate my fill. It was really good! The restaurant was housed in a building that looked like a huge ship. Very weird.

Then Jinu had to work, so he dropped me off at the subway and I headed out on my own. I had decided to se an exhibition I saw advertised the day before: Weta Workshop Fantasy. It's an exhibition with statues, paintings and some video from the guys at Weta Workshops, the studio behind the special effects in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (among other movies). They of course started the exhibit with characters from the Rings movies, probably because they are what's most famous. They then had a section with statues made by the artists there but without any affiliation with films. Some very nice and cool works of art. They had a really cool and odd one of Don Quixote.

The last two sections were two different kind of collaborative fantasy projects by artists at Weta (with some outsiders two). One was very much for kids and was cute but not really my thing. The other one was also mainly for kids but with a grown enough attitude to be compelling to older audiences as well. It was a book, paintings and sculpture project in a fairytale world (some parts made me think of wind in the willows). The sculpts were really cool and imaginative. Made me actually want to read more about the story but even more made me wish they did a stop motion film with sculpts of this quality.

Being the rainy day it was I decided to once again treat myself to an afternoon at the spa. This time I spent even more time there and dared to venture out into the common area.

You enter on the bottom floor, and this is where the changing rooms are.
One floor down in the basement is the actual bath with pools and saunas (the segregated ones).
One floor up is massage section, here you can get all kinds of treatment.
Two floors up are the enjoyment section. Here that have group rooms for talking, TV rooms, lounge section, arcade room, bookshelves to read from and a restaurant/cafeteria.
Three floors up is the common sauna area. Here you have different kind of saunas and relaxation rooms. I tried the jade sauna which is a room where all the walls and the ceiling is covered in jade and the floor is a thick layer of loose jade gravel. Here you're supposed to lay down among the jade, many even buried parts of their bodies in it. But to do this you needed to bring a towel, the room and thus the rocks had a temperature of 60 degrees. I bit to warm for unprotected skin. Another room was the salt room, which was filled with what looked like white quarts rocks. And then they had two rooms with lower temperatures, one with charcoal (supposedly good somehow) and another with higher oxygen concentration. I actually fell asleep awhile in the charcoal room. And then they had a 85 degree sauna also. Though I've probably forgotten one or more of their other strange rooms. For me it felt very weird to sit in a sauna with shorts and T-shirt on.
The last floor had sleeping rooms, separate for men and women. They even had a room for snorers.

So all in all you could easily spend a lot of time here.

After deciding I was clean and fresh enough I headed back to Jinu's place. But on the way I picked up a donut and a yoghurt shake. Felt good to treat myself a little extra.

As soon as I got back we hopped in Jinu's car and headed across town for dinner, picking up the same friend that joined us yesterday on the way there. Today we visited a place that specialized in different types of Korean pancakes. For starters we had kimchi chige (a stew with kimchi and pork) and then we had loads of different fried things, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and some mixed patties. To this we drank Korean rice wine. As usual it was good and there was to much food for us to finish. But since we were joined by another friend of theirs we actually managed to finish it all. And once again, after finishing with food and drinks they wanted to have some ice cream. This time we ended up at Haagen daaz for a few scoops.

Then they evening was over we headed back and fell asleep.

Steps taken: 8367 (6.6 km)

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