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Day 11

So, the eleventh and final day in Seoul... Today again it's raining. Is Seoul crying because I'm leaving?

Despite the rain Jinu still wanted med to experience one more mountain, one not far off that he really likes. So after sleeping in for a bit we got on a bus and headed out once again.

When we got there it was still raining but only a slight drizzle. This hike was a lot easier than the last one but three things were working against me: the rain, I'm tiered after so many mountains and my right ankle is complaining. So the trek wasn't actually that enjoyable. Soaked through (both from rain and sweat, it was still warm) we eventually made it to the temple that was close to the top. Here we stopped for some food. The temple actually had free food for whoever got there. Nothing special, just rice and vegetables, but still. So I filled up with some food and water.

After eating we walked around the temple a bit and then the last straw was drawn: it started getting cold. It was foggy up here, so there was no warmth. So cold and wet, realizing that there would be no view to speak of I I braved the top, I decided to call it quits. I'd spend the rest of this day on easier things and unwind a bit before going home.

The trek down was pretty slow. Slippery rocks and both a knee and an ankle complaining made it so. But got down without hurting myself further eventually. Fortunately walking on flat ground doesn't hurt as much as up or down, so I could get around without to much hassle.

I had looked through lonely planet and found a market I haven't seen but would like to: the Seoul folk Klee market. Turned out Jinu had never been there either, so we were both green to the area.

First we walked through the part that had old appliances, everything from tvs, radios and cameras all the way to kitchenware of every size. Nothing I wanted to buy but still fun to see. We then moved in the part that had more clothes, antiques and assorted brick-a-brack. Also fun to browse through. Found one Buddha statue that I thought of buying, but couldn't get the prize down to my level (not even with Jinu's help). So no sale. I also found some insanely cool Buddha statues that were way to huge to get home and on top of that even more insanely prized. I'll have to settle for photos of them.

After this it was time to me to go to a movie in my own. With Jinu's help I'd found a Korean movie with English subtitles. Yay!

Hold it! Don't count your chickens... And all that. Wasn't quite the success I'd hoped for. Halfway through the film it broke! Everything went dark... People left and complained, they came back in and explained (in Korean! Why do they think people went to one with English subtitles?) that it would take 10-15 minutes to fix. It took about 10 minutes, so ok, I could take that.

Then during e climactic final battle scene it broke down again. This time they just came in and told us to go home, they couldn't/wouldn't fix it this time. I did get my money back, small consolation and I did get an extra free ticket, even smaller consolation. So of into the rain to catch a bus back to Jinu's place and have a quick dinner. Now I'm going to pack and get ready for departure early tomorrow.

Steps taken: 20 743 (16.42 km)

And I've uploaded some pictures both for day 10 and 11 in the gallery: Gallery link

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